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Allplan BIM Compendium

A paradigm shift from pure 2D drafting to objectoriented 3D building modeling has been taking place ever since the introduction of CAD for computer-aided drawings. Since the early eighties this development has been reinforced by increasingly powerful applications.

The IFC specifications facilitate and support the exchange of object-oriented building information. The goal is to integrate all building-specific aspects, such as quantity takeoff and cost planning, facility management, building services and engineering, into a data-neutral building model. Thus, all phases of the building life cycle can be virtualized and visualized.

This BIM compendium is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about this topic.

This BIM compendium has two parts that are closely related:

  • The first part covers the BIM philosophy in general and its underlying ideas and methods. In addition to discussing myths and doubts, this part also looks at the opportunities and advantages of BIM.
  • The second part describes the BIM philosophy in detail, showing you how to use BIM in a real project. You will work your way through the project tasks step by step, learning how and to what extent BIM can be applied to a specific project.

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