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Changing tool's window [Gelöst]

Is there any possibility to change size of the tools window?
I usually work on laptop (Resolution 1366x768 - above minimum according to Allplan requirements). As you can see on screenshot window (Wall tool for example) is just to big. I can't move it and change parameters.

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Hi Horizont,

I suppose - no.
But, especially for this or similar dialogues - simple don't use "Wszystko" - this is a combination of all tabs in one place.
Usually, you don't need to see all settings in one time on one screen. Maybe only for the first initial case when you set properties and want to check all of them.
Usually, I use my assistants (or existing elements) and maximum what I change - this is height, and sometimes - thickness.

Also, you can navigate with "Tab" and "Enter" buttons from keyboard, but it will be a navigation by memory, since you do not see whole dialogue.



Alexey Davydov

Hi, You can contact to some good tutor, they suggest you better. Or you can also take practical help at some stores. During my architect course, I took help of shoji screen Bethesda MD .

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