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How can I open a project from a previous version 2018_1 with Allplan 2019 ?

Project location : C:\Data\Allplan\Allplan 2018_1

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If you have both versions of Allplan installed, you can create a backup of the project with Allmenu 2018 and then incorporate this backup into your file system with Allmenu 2019 and the data will be converted upon opening the project.

If you don´t have a working copy of Allplan 2018 you can copy the project folder into your Allplan 2019 PRJ folder (you can look up the path in Allmenu, in case you don't know it) and then do a REORG: Allmenu --> Service --> Hotline Tools --> reorg:

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Hello everybody,

There is another possibility similar and maybe easier.

Open the 2018 version and go to "Open project",select the project you need and by click right call the tool "Save and export".

This will create an archive where you want.

Than Open 2019 version and drag & drop your project 2018 in the project list.

Allplan will ask you if you want to import the project in the database and if you want to change the name.

Than you will get your project.

By opening the project it will be updated directly.

Bye & Good use!

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