Allplan 2013 stops responding

Since a few days I observe an annoying problem. While using Allplan 2013 64bit it suddenly stops responding to all my commands and I can just watch and pan the drawing but I can't do anything else. The hot keys commands and the icon buttons don't work either. The only way to continue with my drawing is to close the program by ending the process in Task manager and to start na programa again. This problem doesn't appear after a particular action it just happens from time to time. Luckily, aftre restarting the Allplan programe my last changes are saved. So is there any solution to solve this annoying problem. P.S. I'm running Allplan 2013 64bit on Windows 7 64bit with i7 and NVidia 635M viedo card.

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The described behavior could have multiple causes.
I think that the computer has two graphic cards (nVidia 635 and Intel HD 0 on board).If this is the situation, please right click on the desktop and select nVidia Control Panel. In this window select the High end nVidia Graphic processor as the main graphic processor used for the applications.
Another thing you should do is to set an exception rule in the antivirus, so the Allplan program and data path will be excluded from the Antivirus.
If the problem still persists after doing this, please create a HotInfo (from Services 20136 -> Service -> Create support request (HotInfo), describe the problem and press "Start Allplan". Try to re-create the problem. After the problem appears, close Allplan. The HotInfo will notice that Allplan is closed and will issue an appropriate message. Press next and save the output log file.
Upload the log file on Allplan campus so we can see the problem and investigate further.

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