Change language in Allplan 2013 [Vyřešeno]


Is there a way to change the language of the program? It is currently installed in German and i prefer it in English.
I checked the licence manager and I have only German as a possible language.

Thank you!

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Hi DianaCAD,

Allplan is available on a lot of language. All is linked with your licence.

Currently you receive the language of the country where you bought it.

But it´s possible to have several language in the licence than you will have the possibility to switch in feu second on any language you want.

To check it, you can go in the Allplan\Tool\Option and than you can change the language.

If you have only german, than you can contact your sales representative to request the language you need.

Good Use!

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Thanks, Judy! I had the same problem.

Thanks Same problem.

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