[Otázka] Problems updating bim+ model

Hello, some objets from Allplan model does not update in BIM+
Any suggestion?

Thanks for your attention

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i can just without thinking a lot find lots af reasons:

- You (or the actuall loggin in user) does not have editor access on related bim+ project any more
- No internet access during that process
- lost connection between allplan project and bim+ project
- unsuffizient project space in bim+
- error in allplan 3+ modell
- error in allplan ifc structur
- temporarly error on bim+ server during this operation
- .... end i think someone less will find much more reasons ...

to reduce this list, you can check some of the points and maybe some more infos may help to point into the right direction.

- is this connect account also used in allplan as account for the upload ?
- used allplan version (exact f.e. 2017-1-3 )
- use operating system
- firewall ? virus scanner ?
- does the problem occur twice with same modell and same change ? (so if you change anything else and update the model to bim+ does the problem occur again ?

- exact date and time when you upload the modell update (maybe there is some error on our server log)

and maybe we need more infos like : name of the team and name of the project for a better research ..

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Hi, thanks for your help.

The problem occurs, not with a whole file, but with only some specific entities (timber elements) inside the file. These elements did not reflect the changes on allplan model (color, or other attributes) so I hid the layer that contains them and updated the model. The object disappeared from BIM+. Then I turn on the layer again, and update BIM + model: the objects do not appears in BIM+.

The general project works properly, so I think the connection and account data are ok.

I am working with Allplan 2017 1 3 on windows 7. The project is “VU en Illescas (Toledo)” from the team “ric .. cut come text.. ol.com”

I have recorded the process in this video


you can see the exact date and time in the display

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i removed the public visible email Address from the text .. ..

Hi ricmerz,

thank you for recording the video. It would be helpfull if you could send me exported zip-ed allplan project where you expereienced this problem. Ideally if you send me dropbox link to private message here in forum. I'm then going to analyze it and find out root cause.

Pavol Nagy
bim+ Product Owner

Dear Mr. G. Ballesteros,
the problem is quite a complicated, it's not a pure bug. The whole update is working based on so called update flag. This means, once you make an export from Allplan into bim+, the next one is update only, means changed elements are updated, new are added and deleted are deleted too. The layer visibility flag is here not considered. Reason is, after set it back to visible, there's no information about this element need to be updated again because the object itself is not updated. therefore also trick I'm told you does not worked sufficiently. To build it such a logic is a quite a dangerous, there could be a lot of confusion about. Instead of that we will build an "force update" checkbox into export dialogue which means by that user can decide to update everything what's currently loaded independent from the layer status, visibility flag, exporting state etc. etc.
But this we cannot achieve for any 2017 Service release as we had discussed, we will build it into Version 2018 first.
We are apologising for the inconveniencies and tanks for the useful hint.

E. Mrazek.

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