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I have a wall reinforcement where the bars gone wrong. I cannot delete, copy or mirror. Just the rebars, other elements work fine. I tried to copy in project pilot to an other project but there is the same problem. Recall the whole project but nothing.. Any Idea?

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There is a way to fix this, yet I do not know what causes this.

The reinforcement will show when you follow these steps:

1. Create new reinforcement in one of the reinforcement drawing files. The fastest way to do this is to place a random reinforcement pythonpart from the Allplan "standard" library;
2. Use the All-1 option in Reinforcement tools on a bar you just created new, in the plan view (as you call "top down").

The "hidden" bars will appear again directly.

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Hi all,

Did you try to export reinforcement to IFC format? And then import IFC back into Allplan....


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