[Otázka] Größe gleichbleibend im Plan

Liebe Smartpart Experten,

gibt es in den Smartparts einen Befehl für den Schalter " Textgröße gleichbleibend im Plan"?

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Citoval Bertrand_C
If you talk about the checkbox on the properties palette when you select a text, it works fine.
It seems that this checkbox is not displayed for SmartParts...
Could you please give more details to help me to understand what you mean?
Thank you.

I tried to figure out what the height of 2,5 mm means in an drawing. So i measured it with checkbox on and of in different scales. It was really not simple for me to understand where i can find the 2,5 mm in the drawing.

The height of the text is based on scale 1:100.
So, a 2.5 mm text at scale 1:100 is displayed in the drawing with a real height of 25 cm.
By default, in the layout, this height remains for all the scales at 2.5 mm.
Then, in the drawing, if you change the scale to 1:200, the real height of the text is 50 cm instead of 25 cm.
But in the layout, at scale 1:200, the text will be with a height of 2.5 mm.

If you check the box "Constant size in layout" (Textgröße gleichbleibend im Plan) for the text, at scale 1:200, in the drawing, the real height will be still 25 cm, but, in the layout, the height will be 1.25 mm.
So, "constant size" means the same proportion to the rest of the drawing.

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Thank you for the good explanation. This should be in the manual.

Thank you!

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