03 Allplan Share - Create Bimplus team

Why is this important? It's simple: if you want to purchase Allplan Share licenses, the Allplan Shop will link these licenses to a Bimplus team when you order them. This is because Allplan Share licenses can only be used within a Bimplus team.  

And this is how it works: Open the connect.allplan.com website and check in the top right-hand corner whether your country setting is suitable for your country. If not, simply change it. 


Then please log in. If you don't have a Connect Account yet, now is exactly the right time to create one - so register. This is also very quick. Very important: please use an office e-mail address and not an e-mail address of an employee. If this employee were to leave your company at some point and the address were to be deleted, you would lose access to Allplan Share.  


Now that you are logged in, click on Get your team in the Bimplus area on the start page. At the top of the page, you can see in a navigation bar that the creation of a Bimplus team consists of only a few steps and that you are guided through the entire process.  


If Allplan Connect detects at this point that some information is missing from your Connect account, you can enter it here.  


And here you can create your Bimplus team with just one click - that's it.

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