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Allplan 2020 not export correctly "architectural columns" (with rectangular profiles) to IFC: Allplan not add the important IfcClass of Profile Definitions, for this kind of columns.

General Explanation:

In an IFC file that contents IfcColumns and IfcBeams, they can have two ifc classes that defines/explain the kind of profile of those elements:

1- IfcClass for Profile definition: is a must ifcclass. Always it must be inside IFC file. The name of this class is different:
1.1- For rectangle profiles: IFCRECTANGLEPROFILEDEF
1.2- For other profiles (HEB,etc..): IFCARBITRARYCLOSEDPROFILEDEF

2- IfcClass Generic: this generic class, it saves the parameter and the value from allplan. The "Profile name" parameter of allplan and his value, will it saved in the ifcclass "IFCPROPERTYSINGVALUE".

Issue detected:

In case of columns with rectangular profile, Allplan not create the ifcClass of profile definition.

I attach 2 images, and a zip (contains IFC and ndw files), to explain it.

Best regards,
Xavier Coll

Xavier Coll • Architect, Project Manager I+D, BIM Manager, BIM Auditor
EiPM • http://www.eipm.es/en/

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