Hi All,

We detect that the IFC created from tool "Export IFC", generates a strange IFC file.

We analised several IFC created in Allplan 2020.0.3, and from old IFC 2x3, and the new IFC 2x3 and 4, with the same results:

- The "Export IFC" tool (old an new), generates an IFC with a lot of strange line jumps.
- In oficial "IFC schema" from BuildingSmart, the line must jump after the special character ";"

Then, we think that "IFC Export" generates a strange IFC schema, that generates an incorrect IFC

I attach an image to explain it.

Best regards,
Xavier Coll

Xavier Coll • Architect, Project Manager I+D, BIM Manager, BIM Auditor
EiPM • http://www.eipm.es/en/

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