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I use two computers with my allplan 2009 - laptop and PC. When I move project between the computers, I use Allmenu to export the whole project and then import it on another computer. The problem is - when I do that, I get my layers (I use polish version, so don't know what is the name of it in english, but it's this kind of layer, which by default is set up to STANDARD) messed up - elements are grouped right on defferent layers, but it will just creat new set of layers each time I import a project, instead of actualising the same ones I use on both computers. Example: When I have an element on layer abc, it will be moved to layer EXT000001 or so, even though I have the same set of layers on both computers. How to make it place elements from layer abc on layer abc on other computer?
If it sounds unclear, please let me know I'll try to explain it =p

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Hi Jakub,

This is an interresting request.

In every version of Allplan, there is two kind of folder. One for software and one other for data.

In your folder of data, there is two other Folder: STD and PRJ.

PRJ: Project data
STD: Library data (shared layer, display type, smartsymbol,etc...)

Now to recover the same data, there is 2 possibility.

1°) Just copy the STD folder of one workstation and past it on the other workstation (Never overwrite the STD, rename the old STD on "STD Old" before past the new one).

2°) Go on the project property in the first workstation and change the parameter in "layer structure" on "Project" (see screen capture).

You can also use our software Alltransfert to import and export easily. [url=]Here the link[/url]

Good Use!

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Really cool stuff! Could this program simplify also 2009 -> 2013 export/import operation?

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