[Frage] Allplan Road funktioniert nicht in Türkisch

Habe gerade es instaliert zum testen,
Problem ist das in der localen turkischen Sprache nicht funktioniert.
Waere natürlich gut wenn es in localer sprache englisch zumindest funktionieren würde.

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We fixed that issue and it will be available with the next update of the Technical Preview.
Then the default language will be set being English.
At the moment Allplan Road is only supported in English and German language.

In order to work with the product now please open the following installation path
C:\Program Files\Allplan\Allplan 2021\Prg\Plugins
and rename the file “UIStrings_en.dat” to “UIStrings_tur.dat” or any other country code that Allplan got installed with.
This should fix the issues and (almost) all texts should appear in English.

Sorry for the circumstances!

We are looking forward to your feedback about the new Road application!

Thank you!

Thank you solved

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