[Frage] Visual Scripting: Rotation of a cross section around Z-Y axes

Hello all,

I have created a bridge superstructure cross-section in the X-Z plane from lines (Node: <Line3D>) and would like to rotate it first around two axes (Z-axis: consideration of skewed structure with crossing angle not equal to 100 gon / Y-axis: consideration of cross slope) (Node: <Rotate>) in order to extrude the cross-section along a path afterwards. The result is shown in Figure 1.

The aim should be that the cross-section retains its shape and size regardless of the rotation and thus the dimensions remain identical in the view from the front (e.g. carriageway width). By extending the x-values of the lines (sine function) and correcting the cross slope, I was able to model the skew without any problems (see figure 3). However, when rotating around the Z- and Y-axis at the same time, it shows that the cross-section changes its shape when skewed and cross-sloped (see picture 2).

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? In picture 3 I have drawn a more accurate representation of a rectangular cross section, how the rotation around the Z-Y axes should be done.

Thanks a lot


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Hi Marco,

We will check the issue about the changed cross-section when rotated along two axis.

But generally speaking, if a complex move & rotation operation is needed, the node "TransformFromToPosition" is recommended. Although its name sounds a little bit awkward... It relocates objects from a source plane to a target plane. Please see attached "Transform.png" for better understanding.

You can also extrude the cross-section and then cut it with node "CutBRepWithPlane" afterwards. But it depends on how you want to create your geometry.


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Hi Xinling,

thank you for your answer. I will definitely try to implement your idea with the "TransformFromToPosition"-Node. Can you please check this issue with the changed cross-section when rotated along two axis and give me an answer? Multi-axial rotation is one of the most important tasks in 3D modelling and it is therefore important that it succeeds without errors.



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