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How to make 3D surface from 4 points not in the same plane?
I need to make it, but I have this error:

Another option is to make surface in one plane, and then move needed point by Stretch Entities.
But surface will be not correct...

Kind regard,

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Dear Igors,

If your 4 point are not place on the same plane than you can't use the direct tool Surface, because surface means one element of minimum 3 points.

So if you have 4 points to define and you don't now the plane definition, you can use the tool named "Three-point Canopy, Four-point Canopy".

And than you will be able to define you surface as you want, like minimum 2 triangle or more.
You can set all division to minimum 2 edge and 0% for the Sag.

With this tool, you can define a surface or a volume.

Bye & Good Use

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