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Hi there,
I can create a vertical section of the model, but after that I cannot create any section of this section any more( all sections are empty). How it is possible to create a section of another section - for instance create vertical section of the structure, then create horizontal section of this section to see the slab? This was very easily done in Allplan 2017!

Is it possible to use old associated views like before in Allplan 2020?

Best Regards, Primoz

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Hi there,

This is still possible but at a moment when you have the function activated it ask you to select the desired models or section. When you click on the outer boundary of the section you want to take a section from it will work. In the picture you see when the function ask you to select what you want to make a section from and you also can pick a section by clicking the blue outer line. After that you can make the section line in the section and it will generate the desired section from a section.

Hope it will work at your side also like this.

Also the old sections can be used but they are not in the Actionbar. You need to add them yourself via Actionbar configurator. But I would advice to first try the new sections because I can imagine the old ones will drop out Allplan at a time.

Kind regards,


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From my perspective, till the same fast automatic dimensioning of the new sections will not be done the same as it was in old associated views, why to use new Allplan as in the old one you can do dimensioning 10 times faster for big walls???
I cannot imagine how the new version of the Allplan cannot do something what 3y old version did?
If I am wrong please let me know how to do it!



Regards Primož,

We have started working on reinforcement plans for some smaller but demanding projects with new cross-sections and we are currently facing many problems. We use v. 2021.
I don’t know if there is a general problem with the new cross sections because we were working in v. 2018 and it worked really well. Problems occur only when we are drawing reinforcement in new sections.I must mention that we work through a network manager.

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