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My architect sent my a folder with a bunch of files that are supposed to correspond to an AllPlan project. I've AllPlan 2020 installed on my desktop, but I don't find a way to open this folder or any of its files; can anyone help me please?

I attach a screenshot with the received folder contents

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Create a new projekt in Allplan and then copy the files in this folder

Gruß Jürgen

Thanks for your answer Gruß

I guess I managed to try your suggestion. I created a new project in AllPlan, but it was not clear for me where was it saved. I think the right path was


I pasted the files there and restarted allplan. When AllPlan was starting up, I received a window with the following error:
"Los datos proceden de la versión 2003/17, y no pueden ser editados con esta versión", which says that "data comes from 2003/17 version and cannot be edited with current version". After hiting ok, AllPlan closes

Do you think that I can try anything else to be able to see/edit the project?

thanks again,

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Look at allmenü first page, there you can see the projectfolder-path, there you can find a folder with the name of your new projekt.
In this folder copy the files.
Your folder is not the right one...

Gruß Jürgen

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