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Rebars, JIS SD295 can not be selected in "cross section catalog" as described in the Allplan 2018 operation guidance pg.23.
Please help me with this.

Thank you

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I am not sure if there is JIS SD295 in Allplan. I think you can create a steel catalog yourself.
This is done by Bonus / definition / cross-section catalogs / new / Bar cross-section catalogs.

From "Help" To enter and edit a bar cross-section catalog

Check the information displayed in the Cross-section catalog and make any changes as necessary. You can enter / modify information in the following fields:
1st - enter a name in the Label box
2nd - enter a code for the Label (a number between 1 and 36)
1st - enter the full name for the Steel grade
2nd - enter the code for the Steel grade.
Yield strength to enter a value of steel strength.

You must remember that Label can not overlap with other cross-section catalogs.
It can also take a look at what is already in existing directories by selecting it and clicking Edit

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