Export converts all rebar bendings to angular


When you export layouts with Allplan Exchange all the rebar bendings are converted to angular.
When you export a layout with the "Export PDF Data" tool the bendings are exported correctly.

rebar_bending_exchange_export_01 - original in Allplan
rebar_bending_exchange_export_02 - exported with "Export PDF Data" tool
rebar_bending_exchange_export_02 - exported with Allplan Exchange

(cleanreg, cleanstd, cleanup does not help)

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The rebar display issue is not limited to Allplan Exchange anymore:


I have the same problem when printing drawings with a factor of 75% in the print layout module

Gruß Jürgen

I've just made a simple test with simple models using the last 2021-0-6.

I'm not able to reproduce all 3 cases mentioned above (Export via Exchange + changing Reference Scale UVS + printing the DF with a factor = 75%). Try to update your Allplan with the lastest hotfix. In case of problem, I suggest to share your project (to your technical support) in order to anlyse it.

P.S.: in the past, I solved a similar problem re-opnening the DF. I mean, open an empty DF, and than re-open that one with the problem.

Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be

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Try to update your Allplan with the latest hotfix.

The issue is still there in the latest release.

Even the simplest modification changes the rebar representation: https://youtu.be/3K9bZvAgcqY

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In this post are described 3 different workflows:

1) Export PDF via Exchange
2) Reference scale (property Palette UVS)
3) Printing the DF with a factor = 75%

Identify wich one (I suppose the first one) and share your data/project to your technical support in order to anlyse it.

Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be

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