[Вопрос] Clash detection_General object vs MEP


Hi! I have a question regarding Clash detection in Bimplus.

I have two models in the Bimplus project. One is from Allplan and it is a basic architectural model and the other is plumbing and heating from AX3000. When I run a clash detection, Bimplus doesn't recognize the clashes. I can see a few of them but Bimplus doesn't recognize it.
So I don't know is it a problem with the export of models? How Bimplus recognize does models, do I have to put some kind of information or?

I tried the same thing with the copy of the demo project Car Service, and it didn't work either. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Thank you for your time!

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we detect element type which is one of the main properties in IFC.
So if we want to clash MEP, objects should be of MEP type. Many times happens IFC type is incorrect e.g. General object instead of MEP.
Therefore try to use first general objects clash filter (which returns me number of clashes for Car Service). When you click on on object in Bimplus, you will see its type in right panel properties.

In addition we have powerful custom clash filters. You can create your own filter by detecting objects based on selected properties of object.

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