[Вопрос] many problem whith a converted project 2015 --> 2019 (layout deleted, croos-section with ghost element, height setting plan dissepeart, ...)

Hello everyone.

I come to you because I have a big client who recently convert all his Allplan from 2015 to 2019.
They have many problems but one of their project have the majority of them.

It's a big project. The cross section layout is very slow when loading (10% of memory in the bottom right corner, 5% without the Xref).
They have some layout deleted in the morning, (layout still in the backup from midnight)
A glass curtain wall who was previously deleted, but still visible in the croos section (but can't be selected)
some time, the heights plan of their layouts aren't good anymore (still present but the connection between the height and the layout is cut)
join two walls can destroy one of them and change the color of a wall can delete his height.

They have also some problem with the new create attribute of a project who copy a existing attibut or the attribute of the room who copy a next room in every project.

I have the project if needed but it's a private project and I don't want to give here in public (for the respect of the client) If you want to test it, ask me and I will give you a link.

Do you know this problem or do you already see it somewhere? I think it's a bad convertion of the project but I'm not sure

Thanks and have a good day.

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Did you try to use a step between 2015 and 2019? Maybe a first conversion in Allplan 2016 or 2017 should be better...


Yes, the convertion was did with step version.
Stephanne did it so It was well done.

Hi Quentin,
The best way is to contact directly the German Allplan support or the Allplan Product Manager who has in charge the data conversion.

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