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The AllPlan Connect Content Library has many TIFF files of people (see attached). Can someone please tell me how to import these into AllPlan projects so that they appear when rendered?

Thank you in advance.

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You certainly made a box and not a 3D surface (this is not the same thing!).
For the black outline, this is from the image. So here, uncheck "Mask color" and you'll get the result (see attached pictures).

Feel free to try all the settings by yourself. You will learn faster...

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You have to apply the file as a texture (without repeating) on a 3D surface (a vertical rectangle with the same size as the TIF picture).

Thank you for your reply.

How do I get the downloaded TIFF files into a texture library?

When you define the surface (*.surf file), you select the picture you want and make the settings (no repeat, etc.). That's all.
Allplan will copy automatically the file in the STD\Design folder.
You can also copy all your files in a specific sub-folder in STD\Design folder...

Thank you again, but I'm afraid I don't understand. I have a TIFF file. How does this become a .surf file?


Well, I think the best thing is to follow the tutorials to learn how to use Allplan:
- e-learning = go to "Training > e-learning" and select the Category for "Visualization"
- tutorial = go to "Documentation" and download the "Architecture Tutorial" for your Allplan version.
Then, you will find how to make a surface file and lots of other things.

Thanks. I did download and read the tutorial, but it doesn't cover importing TIFF or other graphics files to use as textures.

Ok, the tutorial doesn't talk about surface settings anymore. Sorry.
So, you can download the PDF file about rendering with CineRender ("Allplan 2017 Internet Training Rendering using CineRender" in the same Documentation section). It is not specifically about TIFF file, but you can find information in the "Surface settings" chapter.
Feel free to look at the available files in "Documentation" to find what you need...

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No problem.

Yes, I will look at the info about CineRender.
Thank you again for your help.


Here are the steps to get your result:
1- Draw a vertical 3D surface with these dimensions: 0.9 m for the width and 1.8 m for the height (because your picture is 512 x 1024).
2- Right-click on this 3D surface and select "Assign Custom Surface to 3D, Archit. Elements".
3- Create a "New Surface".
4- Set this surface like in the picture (select your image, uncheck Repeat, assign your dimensions...).
Save this surface and it's done!

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