Hello everyone,

Although I am very pleased with Allplan I have several major problems that are currently unsolvable and which cause great problems and inconveniences with the customer.
To solve some of these problems, a lot of "manual" editing needs to be done and Allplan efficiency is lost.
Here's the issues I'm facing:
1) [Allplan_001.jpg] The bar can not be displayed in a list as it can be shown in the full schema. (I recently had to manually edit and enter the corners for over 1000 positions ... very tedious)
2) [Allplan_002.jpg] There should be an option for simultaneous display of segments and angles, for now there is no option
3) Rods of the same lengths, shapes and diameters can not have the same number of positions in different Layers
4) [Allplan_003.jpg] The minimum difference in bar length (only few mm) causes that bar can not be the same position

If someone can influence it to make improvements, please do this because some older and less reputable software have these things resolved. In vain BIM and 3D if we have such basic problems unsolved.

Thank you very much,

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