[Вопрос] How insert a complex labeling with axis grid tool?


How insert a complex labeling with axis grid tool? I want to make a grid like as displayed in attachments.
Thank for your help!

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With old or new v2019 axis grid tool?

1.) For bold lines you can either:
- define all necessary regions and set pen, line and color for each.
- place two grids on top of each other (thin and thick line)

2.) For labels:
- delete not needed labels and edit label text manually.

Grid tool will stay as such until next edit.

This grid tool still needs 'some' development. To developer I would suggest to include tree or layer approach to define more complex grids.

Only solution for now is using several grids with different settings put on each other.

Hello JohanC! My allplan version is 2018. Thank for your support!

I already have that idea make a grid thru sectins, but the main goal is to keep grid labels liked to the grid, not changing them manually due to appear axes and labels in associative viwes/ sections automatically.

My problem is that grid have a ~46 spaces in X direction and ~30 spaces in Y direction. Lots of work for me...

But thank you again for your fast aswer!

Best regards!

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