modifying the reinforcing bar legend?


The Reinforcement bar legend tool has default layouts which were given from the allplan local supplier.

when we use this default (dynamic) legend we see the variable lengths as -X- and on the reinforcement bars variable sections as -a-

in this picture what we need to see instead of letter -X- is mean length of the bar for example 8,00 m
and instead of -a- what we need to see is the minimum length of the section and maximum length of the section 120~250 cm.

in the second picture the unused reinforcement bars should not be seen on the table.

we don't know how to edit this legend. is it possible to reach the source of this legend or edit this legend with an editor tool?

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Hello Hidrodizazyn,

I don't know if the request is allways active but i can explan that the legend just use attribut (label style) from Allplan and the sub module (eg. engineering).

So you can edit the legend/list/repport without no problem.

I most case, you must first make a copy of you legend/list/report to the office folder and than you could edit it.

For the rest, the change are only linked to which attribut are available.

In my opinion, there is no attribut which will display the minimum and maximum lenght of a polygonal bars shape.

That's why you can have the full lenght or the variable -X-. But this can be a wich to add it.

I will tell you to keep contact to your Nemetschek agency and make a request about for the engineering Part.

Good Use!

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