Allplan for building my house

Hi. I'm an architect and recently started to design my new home. I'd like to use Allplan from the begining to the end of my project. However, since the BIM process hasn´t been implemented in my country yet, I don't know how to handle the fact that none of my consultants use Allplan or a similar program. All of them work in 2D with Autocad.

Theese are some of my questions:

1) What would be the best workflow to exchange information between me and my consultants?

2) If part of my consultant's job is to create the structural and electrical drawings for my project, how should I proceed once they send them to me? should I use these drawings as the final ones? Should I use them as a reference to model structural and electrical parts in Allplan and then create more acurate drawings?

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BIM concept implies working in 3D.

You can import each dwg plan in a different drawing and allign it with the 3D model.
You can then remodel the elements in 3D and send them the changes in dwg.

Or you can advise your colaborators to start working in Allplan to take the benefits of the BIM Workflow (one single model).

Best regards,

Ciprian Popa

eng. Ciprian Popa

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