[Вопрос] Allplan Using CMYK color theme in future

I there any change that ALLPLAN is going to use or ad a normal CMYK color theme to use in the future?
RGB is basically just for screen's but not for printing.

Everytime i print i keep conquering the same problems. RGB is just not mate for printing!
If i see red on the screen, and i see brown on the screen.

I wanne see on my print also red en brown. Not Red and Red!

Are there others experincing the same problems with the usage of RGB while printing as i do?

I would deffinatly support if they whould implement CMYK into future update's or versions!

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I guess that the problem is not the coding of the color.
For example, red is:
RGB = R: 255 ; G: 0 ; B: 0
Hexa = #ff0000
CMYK = C: 0 ; M: 100 ; Y: 100 ; K: 0
HSL = H: 0° ; S: 100% ; L: 50%

On two different screens, the same color does not appear exactly the same if they have not been perfectly calibrated.
Likewise, what will be printed on different printers will not be identical if these printers are not perfectly calibrated machines.
This is also why in printing, there is the "good for printing".

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