Attribute attached with another attribute


I do not know if it is possible. I want the attribute defined by me to retrieve data from another attribute.

I need the attribute: @ 220 @ - length but in engineering attributes

and the attribute field has a function field but it does not work.

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Hello Panmarcin,

I'm not sure about your request. There is special attribut which can be use in many object and in link to any modules. Like the lenght.

The lenght can be use for many architectural object, 2D element, precast element and also fixture.

But for the engineering, there is other attribut like: @797@ which is also a lenght, or @760@ (Total lenght) and @757@ (Mesh and bar lenght).

Are they what you need?

Bye & Good Use!

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Thanks for the answer.

I need this for report (rdlc) but i gave up on it.

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