I have a question due to automatic title for assosiated views.

The problem is that I have a polish version of Allplan however I need to release projects in various languages like (German, English, Polish etc.).

1. When I'm creating view there is always a prefix that states e.g. "Przekrój 1-1" that means "Section 1-1" or "Schnitt 1-1", so every time I have to change that into another language manually. Where to find setting that allows to change that prefix?

2. Another issue is that, when I'm adding another text to the title with block text option (like scale, discription etc.) and then when updating that certain assosiated view the additional text is erased and remains only "Section 1-1".

Do you have any idea how to overcome these two problems? Can I create something like a normal text with formula in it assosiated to cross section number or a label for view?