[Вопрос] Report for architecture and reinforcement

Is it posible to create one report for reinforcement data and architectural data?

If I choose ENGINEERING as table for the report I can get only reinforcement data

If I choose MODEL_DATA as table for report I can get arch. data and engineering data too but
engineering attributes get incorrect values.

May be someone has such expireince

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few point:

1°) I never seen a report from Allplan which display all data in one page.

2°) Usualy we generate one report per object type.

3°) report type is mainly "Architecture" which is working also for engineering. (this was the fact for list before)

4°) I allready saw a report like a summary and than a subreport per element type.

5°) One issue is that the attribut can't work for all element like the lenght per example. You can use the lenght for a wall but not for a bars, so the bars must use the Bars lenght attribut which is another one. It means that you must create a special display depending of the object.

Bye & Good Use!

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So is there a possibility to have a report with reinforcement ratio ? I have the same problem that i cant get data from 2 diffrent types. I need to have a volume and a rebars weight to divide them. One is in model data and another is in reinforcement data.

In my practice i have used ALLPLANDATA as a source table for report.It was quite difficult to get right combination of attributes, because same attributes can have different values in different tables, but I have found right ones for my report. It was possible to analyse Reinforcement, SmartParts, embedded parts, arch elements volumes and areas, and finishing surface areas in one report.

It was working perfectly till Alllplan 2018-1-6 update. In this version attributes @766@ in ALLPLANDATA table have different value from the same table in 2017-1-5 version. My report was fully crushed.

In Russian engineering tradition reinforcement and concrete is one whole construction and legends for separate constructions (walls, slabs etc) should include bars weight, and concrete volumes together.

I' ve attached scheme of my report before version 2018-1-6.
If it is interesting I can attach report too (Russian lang, and special local fonts). It use some userdefined attrs for SmartPart analysis, but if you do not use reinforced smartparts it should work correctly.

Now I'm trying to restore lost functionality.

please sorry my english

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