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First I apologize, perhaps for asking the question in a forum that does not touch, but I do not know where to ask.
I am preparing a training, about assistants, I have known Allplan since 1996, but I am not clear about two topics:
1- What is it called or what name does it have, the action of double left click of the mouse on an object, which then takes the tool and its properties, as in the version was Allplan implemented?
2- In which version the assistants were implemented.

Thanks for everything

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1- Double left click displays the element's properties (see online help, in English, in Spanish).
This function is not allowed in a wizard (you can not modifiy a wizard in the wizards palette).

2- The wizards (asistentes) were implemented in version 2003.


and, in addition: doubleclick with the right mousebutton does that, what you mentioned: it starts the function and it overtakes all properties of the clicked element. A really strong old function in Allplan. I am not aware of a name for that but who knows, maybe someone knows that better.

Kind regards

EDIT: and please, do not apologize for asking some perfectly good questions. Glad you are here!

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TO Question 1 :
i think this function has no other name than "RM Double Click" (in Pre-Mouse Century using a tablett: "Blue-Blue" )


To Queston 2 :
assistents: i was shure assistants are older than 2003, as in France we was honored with an "innovation price". and ist was the "OLD" Windows version.

Wikipedia says like i would : "Version 17"

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I had a doubt about the first version with wizards between FT17 and 2003.
Thank you Jörg.

Before there were the wizards, when I was doing a demo of Allplan, to show the ease, I had made a symbol with the elements I was using. I inserted this symbol in my drawing, and with the right double-click, making a small project was very easy. It was the ancestor of the wizard and it convinced lots of the customers...

Thank you very much for your help, but by searching I have found the years that the tool or processes of the double right click of the mouse were implemented on an object, such as the wizards window
1 The object's right double-click tool was implemented in the FT version October 16, 2000
2 The wizard window is implemented in version FT V17 October 2001

Attach two images of the documents of the news of the version FT 16 FT 17

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Hi Tony,

The double right click already existed in version FT14 in 1998 and I even think that it was also the case in version FT12.

RM Double Click was introduced much earlier. I am not shure if Only on Linux with tablett using Button "Blue" twice, or also with FT Version for Windows. But i think it was in 1996 with Version 12 when the context menue was introduced.

New in Version 16 was the new "Help page: how to use Mouse Buttons" (taht still exists:
https://help.allplan.com/Allplan/2021-0/1033/Allplan/index.htm#7434.htm )

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