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I have been looking to find, if there is an possibilty to easy print what you have just selected in your drawing.
I have no found an option of that.

i dont want ti play with scale's or thinks like that.
Just what i selected, and maybe paper sourch for how big the paper must be.

In all other programs or moments in windows you alway's have the option.
To print just a selection.

Could allplan creat something like that, in future revisions

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"Print Preview" can do something like that (see online help).

Yes, but then you always have to try to fit it in the page,
Then deleat al others or move it a bit to creat enough bounderies.

Activate sub-layers, enzz

Too much husle to go thourgh to make an easy print.

I just wanne selecte a framework, and hit Ctrl+P and hit a selection to just vieuw or print the selected framwork.
Like you do with Word/excel whatever.

If can deleat a selection from a framwork, why cant you just print that selection.

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