[Вопрос] Visual Scripting for 3D Alignment

I'm still new to visual scripting, with no background in a programming language.
I have created a simple script that creates circles at a given point. These points are extracted from a CSV file.
I can preview the circles. But my problem now is that once I close the script, the circle also disappears.

Attached is the CSV file which I just modified from the sample script in Allplan 2021.
Also attached a screenshot of the script.

Appreciate it if can someone help to resolve this issue.


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Hi Jacque,

It's a known issue about the node "ReadPoints". If used, VS can't generate the object after close the VS editor. But you can

  • save the script under library and start the script directly from there, or
  • drag&drop the script into allplan to start it.

It should work then.

We are working on this issue.


Hi Jacque,
Rather than run this directly from the VS pane try running it from the Allplan Library pallet or drag and drop the script into Allplan. The resultant objects will then 'stick'.

Hi XinLing and Ralph,

It works. This is a great help on my team. It eliminates repetitive works of key-in the coordinates individually.
thank you so much and greatly appreciate your quick response.


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