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It's the first time I work with the "Facade" in Allplan 2009. Defining the Facade works well so far but in the animation glass windows are displayed greenish/turqoise instead of transparency. Even if I choose a Facade from the default settings. What am I doing wrong?
There is no tutorial that deals with glass windows as far as I know.
The glass there always appears as it used to be - transparent.

Thanks for answer. It would assit me greatly!


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Dear Urella,

a fast way to adapt the graphical in the animation of Allplan is to assign Surface setting to a colour.
So you can quickly adapt the surface characteristics (e.g. textures incl. luster, Reflection and Transparency) of elements thet have been draw with a specific element or line color.
In Allplan this tool is called "Surface setting" and is found within the module animation.
My tip: hold the Ctrl+Shift buttons down and double click with the left mouse button in the animation window on the color that you should be replaced by another.
surface setting ä(e.g. color 3 light blue).
Now make the favoured changes in the appearing dialog window "surface properties for colour 3". You can also use existing surface properties (e.g. glass.surf) in the dialog window down on the left side and approve with ok.

By holding the Ctrl+Shift buttons down and double click with the left mouse button in the backround of the animation window you can see and change the assignments of all 256 colours.

Undine Ritzmann

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Perfect, it worked using the "surface setting". Nevertheless it's strnage that the glass isn't displayed transparent with the tool [b]Facade[/b. It even works with the smart window....

Thank you


Hi Urella,

that`s the reason why in Allplan 2011 you can direct assign surfaces to the different facade and railing objects in the dialog.
So as soon as Allplan 2011 will be offered here for students, you can do this also directly.

Regards, Martin

Hi Martin,

thanks for information! I hope, it will be soon!
best regards

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