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Hello, my name is Max Uppenkamp, i am currently upgrading my father's architecture bureau with new CAD workstations.
I have worked out how to migrate User settings and configurations from the current workstations, which run Allplan 2008 at this point. The new PCs will run the 2011 Version.
Unfortunately i havent been able to acquire a Trial license for the Migration process as suggested in a Nemetschek Manual.
Is it possible to migrate from a 2008 version to 2011, or do i have to install 2008 first, migrate, and then upgrade it?
Also: The new workstations do not have a Parallel port for the Hardlock dongle, that is currently used. It is my understanding that a USB version is also available, how do i order replacement dongles exactly?

Best regards,
Max Uppenkamp

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You can install V2009 with the Trial licence, copy the Database files (Std, Prj and Usr folders) to coresponding folders on the new computer, and in the end make un upgrade installation to 2011. For the last procedure you need a commercial license (upgrades can not be executed wirh trial licenses). When you are asked to provide a license, simply select the hardlock license (you don't need to connect the hardlock to lpt port).

If you want to change from lpt to usb hardlock, you should contact your local dealer (the change ist not free of charge). You can also order Softlock (free of charge).

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