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How can I select only texts that contain "270"? All texts that I would like to filter have all the same attributes exept content.

I tried: Filter step by step-> Filter by Attribute -> full text/brief text/text1,2,3... none of these worked as I expected. (there isn't an attribute called "text" like on the properties tab)

Erik Prits

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Hi Erik,
if I understand your question well, you can try it in a different way: Use the function Find and replace from the module Text.

By the way. Was my last answer about Senting/receiving projects useful for you. If yes, could you please switch from "open" to "solved". This will help us a lot to keep the forum clearer,



Find/replace doesn't help me- it won't let me to manipulate the text. Also I need to know the number of these texts. Actually the number is the reason why I started filtering.

I have another question about filtering: how to select circles with same radius and then change the radius all at once?

Erik Prits

PS. The Sending/receiving advice was very useful. Thanks for that!


with find/replace I am able to change the content of the text. For instance change 270 to 180 like in picture of the attachment.

If you want to count the text elements with the content 270 I don´t know a fast solution. But in this case it´s for me very important what kind of text it is. Example: In Allplan you can have differerent Objects like walls, rooms, smart symbols, Surface Oject, Line Object, ...
These Objects can have different attributes like, material, or a user defined attribute for instance "type" with the value 270.

These Objects can be labeled for instance with a user defined Label Style. For example with a label that writes the value of the attribute type (270). You can search for Objects with the value 270 of attribute type, or you can count them in a list. If you change the value of the objects attribute the label can be updated.

So if the object itself is important and you are interested in counting objects and the text is more like a label which shows some attributes of an Object this might be a solution.

Or you save a text itself as a smart symbol, or you create a Composite Element from a text to count them. But in these cases it´s very important what the usecase is.

The same with the circles. I do not know a method to filter circles with a special radius and replace them, but if you for instance save a circle as a smart symbol named "Tree 3.00m" you can count them, assign attributes, label them or replace smart symbol "Tree 3.00 m" into "Tree 6.00 m".


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The idea of smart symbols is quite interesting. My texts and circles are just texts and circles from a .dxf, nothing fancy.

For me it was easier and quicker to select them one by one.


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