[Pregunta] Door leaf not parallel to its frame

Why door in allplan always seems standout from it frame. I want to make it parallel from wall, frame, and door. I can do that by smalling the door leaf depth. But I just want to move the door leaf equals to its frame. It also happened to window. Do you guys have solutions please?

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This is the default representation for standard doors and windows. You can try to modifiy some parameters.

If you want, you can try to use what I developed. Maybe it will better meet your expectations.
I offer the opening and sanitary SmartParts for free. Have a look at my website...
Feel free to contact me if needed.

Yes I know it's default. But I wondering is the door in germany or europe look like that. I thought the leaf and always be parallel to one side of frame. But ok I'll try what you developed. thanks a lot.

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