No mapping "name"

Using allplan 2020-0-6, spanish language.

the "name" attribute of Doors objects (IfcDoors) is not mapped with the BImplus "name" attribute. In other objects (walls, etc.) it is mapped correctly as usual.
In attached screenshots, the same door in Allplan and BIMplus.

Thanks for your attention

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Dear Mr. Ricmerz,

I'm from the Bimplus team and I would like to check this mapping. Could you pls send me backup of allplan project to (via dropbox or wetransfer) and also invite me to Bimplus project to the same email.

Thank you.

Dear Mr. Ricmerz,

I was able to identify the incorrect mapping using data provided by you. This will be solved with one of the upcoming releases of Allplan 2020.

Pavol Nagy

Hello Dear Mr. Nagy and Mr. Ricmerz,

I also have the problem that the IFC class for Doors are being affected after the Exportation to IFC, if the Door is Grouped with other components from other Categories and IFC classes.
Individually the components are OK, and in the ALLPLAN software the IFC classes are working without problem.
Is only after the IFC generated, that the Modelgroups ID and components, change the IFC class of specific Doors, but the "Öffnung" or door opening is not affected.

Please can you clarify this.
If need it I can provide attachments for better understanding.


Dear Mr J_Vidal,

yes pls provide attachments for further analysis. Further more you can also invite me to your project where is the error

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