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Hello, I am wondering how to make line of an arch. element (example beam) viewable different in view and in section. For example, when I draw beam in plan I choose thin dashed line (lets say 0.1 mm, line 2), and when i make section trough that beam, I also see thin dashed line although I want it to bee thick and full (lets say 0.3 mm, line 1). Is there any way to do this? Thank you. Luka

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Hello Lukas,

I'm not sure about your request but there many possibility.

By creating a beam, you can set a format definition for the contour and also like a material display.

Than when you do a section with Associative view, 2D view or the new section, you allways has many option like:

- Display same surface than element
- Thick line
- Hidden surface display

So it depend what you want to have:

I attached 2 examples

Bye & Good Uue!

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Very helpful advice in this particular post! Thanks for sharing!

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