problem with the command "RECT_PICT"


I'm on a problem with the command "RECT_PICT"
How to make my doors textures is snug facades but also in perspective after a hidden faces images surface calculation.
I found no adjustment with this command, you an idea?
Thank you.

RECT_PICT "touraine2.png" , ref_x , ref_z , 1
RECT_PICT "touraine2.png" , ref_x , ref_z , 0

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Quite strange,
Now you reminded me of a command which doesn't work completely with smartparts for allplan 2012 (I don't know for 2013). There is the possiblity of creating materials into a smartpart, without referencing to a ".surf file". You can do this with DEFINE MATERIAL. It works very fine if you want to create transparent, or reflecting materials, based only on color.
DEFINE MATERIAL "red glas" 5,
1.0, 0.0, 0.0
! surface RGB [0.0..1.0]

Unfortunately, you can't define materials based on a picture file.(Or I don't now how to do it). Although if you'll read a gdl manual, it shows this possibility with an intermadieate command
DEFINE TEXTURE. But every time I try it, it gives me a black material.

DEFINE TEXTURE "textur" "(jpeg from resource)" , 1 , 1 , 0 , 0


material "mat"

box 1,1,1


@ Olivier

I think, that is an Bug inside Allplan with Surfaces at Hidden-Calculation! Inside the animation window all looks fine!

@ Bogdan

The one and only way to define a surface with texture in Allplan is type 20:

DEFINE TEXTURE "tst" "marsu",1,1,0,0

DEFINE MATERIAL "tst_mat" 20, !type
0.5,0.5,0.5, ! surface RGB [0.0..1.0]
0, ! ambient coefficient [0.0..1.0]
40, ! diffuse coefficient [0.0..1.0]
0, ! specular coeff. [0.0..1.0]
0, ! transparent coeff. [0.0..1.0]
0, ! shining [0.0..100.0]
0, ! transparency atten. [0.0..4.0]
0,0,0, ! specular RGB [0.0..1.0]
0,0,0, ! emission RGB [0.0..1.0]
1, ! emission atten. [0.0..65.5]
1, !fill index
1, !color index
INDEX(TEXTURE,"tst") !texture index

MATERIAL "tst_mat"
BOX ref_x,ref_y,ref_z

Only this types are supported in Allplan:

All other types, especially 11-17 and 21-27 are not supported currently!


Thanks for the help.

Nemo thanks for this solution,

but be careful.

I wish that the texture is adjusted automatically has the dimension of my door, and therefore leave
DEFINE TEXTURE "tst" "marsu", 1,1,0, 0

leave always the texture under this form and you'll as with my marsu a repeat of texture.

need to adjust it according to the pixels of the texture.
my image of door is 250 x 574 pixels the right formula is therefore:

DEFINE TEXTURE "tst" "touraine2", ((100/250) * REF_X) , ((100/574) * REF_Z), 0, 0

I Redid the tests with your solution, and I still have the texture of door which is not aligned. (2012 Allplan and Allplan 2013)

Finally if I chose the 'RECT_PICT' command is to be able to benefit from the alpha layer and allow me to have a transparency of glazing, as with this second test (color 3 apply a texture of glazing)
I do not believe that with your solution, it is possible to do?

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Hi Olivier,

...not for your needs!


Hi Olivier_1,

I think that the problem isn't the command "RECT_PICT" or "DEFINE TEXTURE", and then not a smartpart problem itself. Allplan have several texture limitations, and texturize a door with an image door is only useful for rendering or to view it in the animation window, but not for calculate sections, elevations or perspectives (not renderings): in those case, only it's useful the seamless textures.

Now we're talking about Allplan texture limitations:
1. when will be implemented that a texture could suits and deforms correctly in calculations of elevations, sections and perspectives (not renderings)?
2. when will be implemented the possibility to rotate textures?
3. when will be correct the automatic texture rotation in covers with slope with very low values? (from a determinate low slope value, the texture is not rotated, and in industrial projects is important)


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Sorry Nemo the language barrier and my willingness to meet my fact confused users.

Good and well let down this project with this prehistoric solution to apply a texture that does not work on Allplan.
I won't design a smartpart who do little to be use in animation window and not be able to use the images in calculation of facades it is ridiculous.

I am a new user of Allplan, and to what I have read elsewhere it seems to be a real problem texture images...

Thanks for your replies.

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