smartpart and "drawing type" ??


is that there is a "smartpart" parameter that allows to have the type selected drawing?

I put a picture so that you will understand what I mean by "drawing type"

in fact I wish my smartpart of door and window then this redesign according to the choice of the "drawing type"

Thank you very much

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I think this option should have been included in the DEFINE FOIL command.
The only related command to this, is DEFINE FACE_STYLE, but you already know that.
So there isn't any.
I've attached all the smartparts script commands of Allplan 2012.
For Allplan 2013, I think the script commands can be found in the STD folder> Smartparts> Help.
Good luck.

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Hello, and thank you.

"DEFINE FOIL" made reference to the traditional macro, and with the traditional macro table is not (or I do not know do) evolve a macro window depending on the type of drawing selected study, presentation, execution..., there is that of mortifications in the scale which is possible.

"DEFINE FACE_STYLE" allows you to select a surface for flooring, walls, slab which are not yet mufti-layers , and so I do not think that it could be applicable to the macro.

So I was wondering can be with the smartparts it was possible to change the appearance of a macro, in my case Windows and doors, depending on the chosen drawing (study, presentation, execution).

Thanks to all if you have any ideas.

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Hi Olivier,

the dependency on drawing types for visibility you can achive by defining a macro foil:
DEFINE FOIL "1" 1 , 1 , !vis2d , vis3D
0 , 1000 , !from_scale , to_scale
0 , 0 , 0 , !ref pnt 1 x,y,z
1 , 1 , 1 , !ref pnt 2 x,y,z
1 , 1 , 1 , !macro foil a,b,c
0 , 1 , 2 , !scaling x,y,z
0, !0 = only visible in following drawing types
!1 = visible in all drawing types
301, !drawing type ID
302 !drawing type ID


Now is the box only visible in drawing type 301 and 302!

Unfortunately I don't know, what the drawing type 301 and 302 means on your computer ...



Nemo your's the best !

Thank You

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