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This is a french video which shows a smartpart which can gather or send information through the allplan environment, such as project attributes. How is that possible?
Is this the case of extreme programming or just an additional plug-in which some people make on the internet?

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PAM is a French Allplan internal plugin that allows to set the General attribute of the other benefit and choice lists projects to then be read by BCM.
Our friends Jeff program a smartpart which allows you to replace the plugin by something more functional and more simple (his application will remain internal to his company)
It is based on the "OPEN / CLOSE" functions to populate the project database and to write to the file PrjAtt.dat will be played after by BCM to assign rules to various works, or even to set up different benefits of the project which are general (technical connection length, type of ventilation etc..). The project attributes are perfect for this, I take this opportunity to make a request if it would be possible to have more attributes projects in the future? .
Jeff to a problem with its smartpart because functions smartparts (open/close) write in UTF - 8 while the PrjAtt.dat file is encoded in ANSI... is there a way to write in UTF - 8 with "OPEN / CLOSE etc.."?
A smartpart like this also allows to modify another smartpart indoors benefits of a project, it shows with a gateway, the list of choices can change the appearance of the entrance door.
Me I program a complete smartpart carpentry and closure, another will allow me to automatically change the color, material, type of closure, of all the other smartpart of the project through the functions "OPEN / Close", if I do not agree on a carpentry I speak on that which is concerned.. I show some of my work on my blog.
«Open / Close» lets do lots of thing only too few documentations are provided, and it is a pity
On our forum we start to talk about it (, be the welcome after a small presentation of you.

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Interesting , thanks for the answer.

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