Smartpart Editor: "Calculate Automatically", "mín. point"



We have some basic questions about smartpart Editor (see the image)

- When is it really useful activate or desactivate "Calculate Automatically"?
- Are there any command to control the parameters "Min. point"?
- When is it really useful change the values of "Min. point"?

Thanks a lot!
Xavi C.A.

Xavier Coll • Architect, Project Manager I+D, BIM Manager, BIM Auditor
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Hi Xavi,

1. Activate "Automatic Calculation" of Reference-Box
The reference box is used in Allplan for several things:
1.1 Activation -> e.g. with crossing window -> interact only with the reference box, not to the gemetric elements inside
1.2 Scaling -> if you target the corners of the refence box at "Point Mod"-Function, the SmartPArt is scaled
1.3 Fitting -> for Window-SmartParts the reference box is used to fit into the opening

For normal SmartParts it isn't important, that the elements are fitted into the reference box, but for 1.1 and 1.2 it makes sense.
For Window-SmartParts it is very important to create the geometry inside depending on the reference box dimensions.

The "Automatic Calculation" is especially for SmartParts having a compelex geometry, and the scripter wouldn't set the ref box manually.
If you activate "Automatic Calculation" the reference parameters (REF_X,REF_Y,REFZ) loose their connection to the ref box dimensions. That means, set REF_X = 1.0 don't change the ref box any longer.

2. Min-Point
With Min-Point you can specify the local origin (0,0,0) relative to the reference box.
There is no command to change it, because of the changing SmartPart can flip around at insertion position, and the above mentioned special logic of ref box don't work!

3. Values of Min-Point
Manually set the values isn't necessary in most cases. Set the origin with the
buttons over the input fields to a corner or to the middle ...



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