• New Undo/Redo function in the Visual Scripting Editor
  • Change script logic will require a recalculation

Starting from version 2021-1-9, we finally implemented the Undo/Redo function for the Visual Scripting Editor. It allows you to undo changes made inside the Editor, including changes in the Palette Designer. When starting a script from the Editor, you can also revert the value changes inside the Allplan Palette. But it is impossible to revert changes made to the existing Allplan model with this new Undo/Redo. Please using Allplan undo for that.

The synchronization between Allplan and VS is also improved. Now, if the script logic is changed, Allplan will disable the palette of the script to inform you to recalculate it. Currently, add any new node will be counted as a logic change, although the added one may have nothing to do with that. But a value change isn't a change in the script logic. Thus, VS will recalculate the result automatically in that case.

Product Owner API, Allplan GmbH

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