I accidentally clicked on a NPL-file that was generated by Allplan. Now the background for LAYOUT EDITOR is yellow-orange and I cannot add any new layout elements for instance.
How can solve this problem? I urgently need help.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Zita,

open the menu File from Allplan and select Open on a Project-Specific Basis ... In this case Allplan whill ask you if you like to save the changes of the *.npl file. You can save the content of the file in a folder, if it contains some important informations, or not if there is no need to do so. After that the dialog Open on a Project-Specific Basis: Layout appears and you can select a "normal" layout of the project you like to load. The background colour now should be white again to indicate that you are working on a file belonging to the active project.

Martin Terfloth


oh, that was the reason. A small leak will sink a great ship. Thank for the hint.

Oh, is there a possibillity to change the of the backround color of this window?

best regards

yes you can - select Options from the toolbar Standard and than Global Options. In the register View you can select two different Background colors. One color appears if you open a file on project-specific basis, the other appears if you open a *.ndw or *.npl not on project-specific basis.

Martin Terfloth

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great! Thanks for this spezial hint. I like to draw on a black backround. So I can!


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