New Smartpart Mesh_tool for Allplan 2012-2013

Hi, for all of those who think the mdt - geo tool is too difficult to use for simple terrain modelling, I'm "giving" you a mesh_tool smartpart. Just drag and drop it in the allplan menu.
Tips for using it:
- When you want to change the z coordonate double click on the smartpart press Ctr button and click the point you want to change and enter the value wanted
- For adding new points to the polygon press the middle intermedate handle points (like in giorgio antrone smartparts,which can be found on the internet).
- For removing a point press the handle point where you see an X in the preview mode
- For adding/removing curve properties to a line press the handle point with a cirlce in the preview mode

- For the number of intermediate points, in the smartpart menu enter a value at "Number of intermediate points"
Now this is just a tool to ease your work in allplan, of course, this smartpart can be improved, being a parametric object, with the experienced knowledge, you have the posibility to add any new features to it.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks a lot, Haidu! :-D

Xavier Coll • Architect, Project Manager I+D, BIM Manager, BIM Auditor
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sieht doch fein aus. Geometrieänderung der Punkt über die Griffe mit
Geo-Informationen am Fadenkreuz: gefällt mir.

Was ich seltsam finde: wenn ich von 7 auf z. Bsp. 9 Punkte wechsel,
dann sieht´s so aus, wie im Anhang. Hab ich das was nicht verstanden?



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I'll write in english
Yes , the geo tool of allplan calculates your mesh by unifying your terrain points.
You should see this smartpart as a closed polygon with different z heights, with points from 1- n, so when a point is outside of the polygon contour it gives that error, just move that point in a place so that you can form a regular polygon.

very good idea this use of the Mesh command


Administrateur forum :


Updated smartpart Mesh.......
Unfortunately, I made an error at the previous smartpart with the intermediate points settings, as you couldn't move the extra intermediate points if their number was bigger than the number points of the contour.
I've corrected it.
I also created a new version with editable curve radius for some lines, and 3d thickness.
Unfortunately, this is works a little slow in the 2d preview.

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Thanks again.
Nice job, keep sharing please.



very nice work and thank you for sharing.
This is now really a nice example for the possibilities of SmartParts, either I am still a little bit doubtful about the daily use of SmartParts for a "normal" user. Because normally you don't have the time to learn a programmers language for creating some little SmartParts.


When I enter a number of 200 intermediate points, he only gives me about 20-30 points.
How can I get more intermediate points?

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