Allplan Campus online help

If you are already registered, but you’ve forgotten your password, visit the page:

request a new password >>

You don’t have a user name or password yet?

The first thing to do is to log on to the registration page registration page

The important thing is to write in the E-mail address correctly, because we shall be sending an E-mail with a confirmation link to exactly that address. You must click on the confirmation link within 24 hours, since after that it will no longer be valid.

The user name and E-mail address chosen must be unique; in other words, no other user has registered with this E-mail address.

Common user names like "Joe", "Jones" or "JSmith" can also lead to a new registration being rejected because the user name is already being used. .

You can enter your customer number as soon as you register.

Note: If you do not receive the E-mail with the confirmation link (due to a typing error in the E-mail address, for example, or if our E-mail gets stuck in the Spam filter), and you do not click on the link, then it will be impossible to log in. It will then only be possible to re-register, for example with a correct E-mail address, after 24 hours, because the user name will be flagged up as “reserved” for that period of time.

What does it cost to use Allplan Campus?
The use of the Service portal is free of charge for all users.

The Allplan Campus Newsletter is published 2-4 times a year.
We recommend to subscribe to it. This ensures that you are always up-to-date concerning Allplan Campus.

The newsletter includes topics such as:

  • Information about the latest Allplan Student version and your license.
  • Tips and tricks about how to use our products
  • Recommended events
  • Job opportunities
  • And much more

We are pleased to receive your ideas and tips for improvements in order to make the newsletter even more interesting and valuable for you.
You can cancel your newsletter subscription at any time in your profile.

To get access to all Allplan Campus solutions, you need to complete your information.

Your Proof of Student Status must be an official document containing the following information:
First and last name, name of educational institution, course name or vocational training, valid date.
Examples: Proof of enrollment, student ID card(with calendar year), training contract, letter of confirmation or acceptance

File format: PDF, jpg or png
File Size: 10 MB max.

Friendly reminder: We do not request any kind of picture of yourself or flowers or your projects.

After you've uploaded your proof of student status, we will review your documents and will inform you by e-mail when they are approved. 
Please be patient, due to the high demand there may sometimes be longer waiting times to process your request. For example in the Fall.

Your new status will become visible after you log out and back in again.


Once the proof of student status is approved, you will receive an e-mail. This includes a Product Key. This information is also displayed on the homepage on (for this you have to log in again). In addition you now have access to Allplan bimplus and all other options.

As a member of the Allplan community, you can benefit from the experience of Allplan users around the world. To join the dsicussion you have to be logged in.

In order to be able to download CAD objects, you must be registered.

A high proportion of the Content elements are intended only for customers with Serviceplus contracts.

If you, as a customer without a Serviceplus contract, convert your account (by way of your customer number and an Admin Key) into a Customer Account, you will obtain more extensive access rights to Content Elements than those who are simply users.

There are a few downloads which are only suitable for special language versions of Allplan, and that means they are only accessible to customers from the particular country involved.

What does it cost to use Allplan Campus?
The use of the Service portal is free of charge for all users.

1.  NON-registered User rights on Allplan Campus:

Access to

  • Main Navigation
  • Forum - Read only
  • FAQ - 10 % only
  • Hardware Information
  • System Requirements
  • E-learning, Content – Read only

2.  Additional rights when registered on Allplan Campus:

  • 10% CAD Objects
  • 70% E-Learning videos
  • 90% of Documentation
  • 70% of the Forums, reading and writing

3. Additional rights if registered WITH confirmed student status:

  • 100 % CAD Content
  • All videos and Documentation from E-Learning
  • Student license
  • Software download
  • Access to PM (personal messages), reading and replies PM received