Good software needs good hardware!

Do you want to know whether your computer is still suited for Allplan? Or are you looking for advice which new one to buy?
Here you can find the technical details for suitable systems.

You should keep in mind three points in specific:

Operating System: Have a look at the system requirements or do a system test

Graphics Card: In the recommendations for students we give impulses on what matters most

Screen: Find the balance between size and mobility

Please check out here as well whenever you have questions:

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Fill me in

System requirements How much power does a computer need to run Allplan without any problems? From when does the optimal experience begin? Find the technical numbers here.


Check your system

System test Download the system test file here and check, how well the recent Allplan Version will run on your computer.


Get Whitepaper

Recommendations for students Are you preparing for the next hardware upgrade and want to ensure Allplan-compatibility? This document summarizes a few impulses on what to look out for.


To the comparison 

Graphics card info Here is an extensive list of all Allpan-tested and -verified graphics cards. uses cookies  -  More information