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Version:  Allplan 2020 / Allplan 2019 / Allplan 2018 / Allplan 2017 / Allplan 2016 / Allplan 2015 / Allplan 2014 / Allplan 2013  | Last modified: 22.09.2021 11:09:29
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How can I restore a lost building structure or layout structure?


To restore a lost or corrupt building structure or layout structure, you can do the following:

  • Close Allplan.
  • Open Windows Explorer, go to the central file storage folder of Allplan and open the "Prj"folder. Open the corresponding project folder and the "BIM" subfolder.

    If the "Same folder name as project name" option is not selected for the project, a number is used for the folder name in the "Prj"folder. In this case, open the Services applicationand select the woprohotline tool (Services application -> Service -> Hotline Tools -> wopro). Select the corresponding project by double-clicking its name. An information dialog box shows the folder and file name of the project.
  • You can find an XML file for each structure in the BIM subfolder.

Building structure:

Objects derived from building structure:

Plane model:
Allplan_BIM_LevMo_"name of model".xml

Layout structure:

  • To restore the building structure from a backup, rename the existing file "Allplan_BIM_BuildingStructure.xml" "Allplan_BIM_BuildingStructure.xml.old", for example.
  • Switch to the "Backup"folder, which you can also find in the"BIM"folder.
  • Select the most recent file that had been created beforethe building structure was deleted, for example, "Allplan_BIM_BuildingStructure.xml.27.5.2008--10-32-21.bak". The characters in bold indicate the date and time of the backup. Copy this file to the "BIM"folder.
  • Rename this file by deleting the characters after ".xml". Now the file name is "Allplan_BIM_BuildingStructure.xml".
  • Restart Allplan. The last version of the building structure is displayed in the "Open on a project-specific basis"dialog box again.


Using Allplan 2009-2 and later, you can restore the layout structure from a *.bak file straight from the "Open on a project-specific basis: layouts"dialog box.

  • Right-click the topmost structural level in the layout structure (project name) and select Load layout structure favoriteon the shortcut menu.
  • Open the last version of the Allplan_BIM_LayoutStructure.xml file in the backup folder mentioned above.

If the *.bak files are not displayed, please follow the steps described above.

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Version:  Allplan 2021 / Allplan 2020 / Allplan 2019 / Allplan 2018 / Allplan 2017  | Last modified: 28.09.2021 15:32:35
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How can I install additional Allplan workstations on an existing network (with or without Workgroup Manager)?


Before you install the additional workstations, find out the path to the central file storage folder on a computer where Allplan has already been installed. Open the Services application on this computer. The Services application window shows the path to the central file storage folder.

Enter this path when Setup prompts you to specify the central file storage folder.
Select "Minimum" for the Setup type.


  • Make sure the version you are installing is the same as the one installed on the other workstations.
  • In addition, make sure all workstations are running either with Workgroup Manager or without Workgroup Manager. To find out whether Workgroup Manager is installed or not, open the Services application and check the menus: if you can see the Workgroup Manager menu, Workgroup Manager is installed.
  • Installing additional workstations does not affect the data (projects, ...) in the central file storage folder.
  • If you add new users to a new Allplan workstation, do not forget to add them to the Workgroup Manager, too.
  • Version 2014 and earlier: if one of the computers also serves as the Allplan server, you cannot use the approach described above to find out the path to the central file storage folder.
    In this case, you will see the path to a local folder instead of the central file storage folder.
    Use a different computer to find out the path to the central file storage folder.
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