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Allplan 2017 Step by Step Presentation 1 - Shadow, Paint

The first unit deals with the Shadow Module. It provides tools for creating full-size images for presentation purposes based on 3D data. This unit shows which settings you need to make, how to set perspective views, create a photograph and modify the surface colors. You will convert fills obtained from the shadow computation to hatching.

In the second unit you will learn about the Paint module. You will learn how to make a file show. In a file show, selected drawing files are activated and displayed automatically in succession. You will also consider the filled line tool with varying widths and colors – this is a useful feature for enhancing your presentations. These lines are created and displayed by dragging the mouse. You can also create fills of any kind. As the process of making presentations is dynamic, you can easily modify the fills and filled lines at any time.

Using a 3D model, you will work through the exercises in this guide. If you do not want to create the 3D model yourself, you can download it.

Tags Step by step Presentation 3D model Paint Shadow Basic concepts Allplan 2017

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